C20 Structural Maintenance Work Composites & Metal

Do you send all C20 structural repairs back to the OEM ́s?

We at AES can complete these repairs acc. to the relevant CMM ́s/ AMM ́s/ SRM ́s or REO ́s for the fraction of costs if compared to purchasing new equipment.

Our quality driven approach consisting of the various Testing procedures such as the Ultrasonic Tap Testing and Moisture Test I.A.W. RTCA/DO 213 § for Composite Parts and the Fluid Penetrant- and Eddy Current Inspections for Metallic Parts.

With our highly trained specialists, we are accustomed to a 24hr./7 Day work week environment and are in a comfortable position to be able to offer and pro- vide to our customers extremely flexible services in our workshops and if requi- red On-Wing at all times!


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