AES is certified by the German "Luftfahrt Bundesamt":

  • EASA 145 Appr. No. DE.145.0334
  • EASA 21 Reg. Appr. No. DE.21.G.0143

And by the FAA "Federal Aviation Administration":

  • FAR 145 "Repair Stations" Appr. No. QE7Y050X

AES is also an approved supplier production organisation (EASA 21).

Our certified facilities cover the complete EASA 145 / FAR 145 certification status for C6/ACC Equipment and C4/C8 and C20/AF Structure Parts.

Approval EASA 145 Approval FAR 145 Approval FAR 21

Approval EASA 145 Approval FAR 145 Approval EASA 21

It is our philosophy that every employee should be aware of the AES Quality Management System and our commitment to further education. Every single employee undergoes an internal course to receive the important relevant information about AES Quality Standards in order to assure our strong commitment towards achieving these every single day, without compromises.

Periodic internal audits by our Quality Assurance Department constantly review our operations and check for possible sources of mistakes or improvements.

At AES, we believe that employee involvement in work processes and carrying responsibility are helpful and supportive assets for the assurance of safety and quality standards.