Composites & Metal Structural Maintenance Work

As a midsized Component MRO based in Germany AES have been approved and operating as an EASA Part 145 & FAA Repair Station for over 20 years.

Our quality driven approach is backed by Hot Bonder & Temper Oven repairs supported by various Testing procedures such as the Ultrasonic Tap Testing and Moisture Test I.A.W RTCA/DO 213 § for Composite Parts and the Fluid Penetrant- and Eddy Current Inspections for Metallic Parts.

With our highly trained specialists and over 20 years of collective experience, we are accustomed to a 24 hrs. / 7 day work week environment and are in a comfortable position to be able to offer and provide to our customers extremely flexible services in our workshop and if required On-Wing!

Our Web Based Customer Information System enables real time repair status on all your individual orders.

C4 Doors - Hatches

Our C4 approval permits AES to perform certified metal & composite repairs on cockpit doors, landing gear doors, and service doors covering all major manufactures & types of aircraft.

C8 Flight Controls

Our scope of approval for C8 metal & composite repairs includes slats, flaps, ailerons and spoiler panels covering all major manufactures & types of aircraft.

C20 Works on Primary Metal & Secondary Composite Components

We at AES complete complex metal & composite repairs acc. to the relevant CMM´s/ AMM´s/ SRM´s or REO´s for the fraction of costs if compared to purchasing new equipment.

Our proactive approach combined with our highly trained employee´s working according to the OEM´s specifications and using state of the art equipment ensure reliable & flexible planning that secure short turnaround times for all your C20 related repairs.

Our Specialized Radome Repair services to the OEM´s specifications using high end Hot Bonding & Vacuum Oven techniques followed by Radom transmission testing services compliant to the RTCA/DO-213 standard and all aircraft manufacturer’s special requirements.

For our Bombardier CRJ customers we can lease out our AES Radome P/N GC219-0504-9 two-way-interchangeable with PN CG219-0504-5 & P/N GC219-7504-1 to bridge the time necessary for the shop repair at AES.