ULD Repair

Providing technical services to the Air Cargo industry was developed with a strong focus on the needs of both the Aircraft ULD OEM´s, Cargo Operators and Airliners.

Working with all OEM´s in the ULD Industry and supporting the same customer base guarantees quick and flexible delivery of spare parts required for the various ULD Type’s flown in today’s aircraft market.

This approach helps ensure that AES services proposed remain competitive in terms of costs as well as performance and reliability!

With our Mobile Repair Services we can support you on the airport apron with patch repairs, net/cover- sewing works and minor parts replacement.

ULD Assembly / Modification and Upgrade Programs

In the last 18 years we have gained extensive experience in assembling, modifying and carrying out Warranty and Upgrade Programs on the various ULD equipment manufactured by all significant OEM´s.

AES has assembled and modified well over 10.000 ULD´s of all types and materials, be it Aluminum or Composites and/or ranging from AKE´s to AMX´s, Horse stables, Ground containers and other equipment relevant to the Air Cargo Industry. Our qualified and experienced workforce, certified to the major Aircraft Industry Standards (FAR/JAR 145), as well as EASA Part 21 Production Organization Approval for Air Cargo Containers, ensures a competitive assembly process enabling us to compete and compare ourselves with each OEM, when it comes to build-up times!

Our philosophy hereby is to work hand in hand with each Aircraft ULD Manufacturer and Cargo Operator or Airliner to find best solutions for both.

Cool Container Services

In the last years Pharmaceutical companies have devoted more attention to cold chain logistics, transport product and solutions providers stepping up with specialized services to support safe product delivery of their products on their defined lanes.

AES supports and works in concert with all supply chain partners, for example; the OEM´s, the Cargo Operators, such as FedEx, UPS, TNT and/or DHL, with the Freight Forwarders, such as Agility, Panalpina or Kühne & Nagel. It is our mission to see to it that the Cool Containers are appropriately handled: once received, we make sure the relevant checks are carried out, eventual repairs on the units completed, get them prepared, stored and ready for the next transport.

Net / FCC Cover Repair

In the AES Net Repair facility in FRA up to 400 nets can be repaired on a daily basis. Collaborations with all major Net Manufacturers insure a constant flow of spares and combined with experienced and well trained workers from AES we can support your needs.

FAA tests have shown that Lithium batteries, used in cell phones, laptops and iPods can burst into flames occasionally during transportation. There is also a variety of undeclared dangerous goods being transported every day.

The industry/OEM´s has/have responded with the development of Fire Containment Covers, which can contain a fire up to 1500°F for 4 Hours, by isolating the fire from the rest of the load.

AES has installed two repair positions and repair procedures guaranteeing flexible and fast turnaround in the FRA Facility for the repair of the FCC´s and nets.